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An Experience Like No Other

When you enroll at the National Leadership Association® capstone and internship, you'll experience a lot of applied practice experience of the real world. The aim of which is making participants job-ready bridging the gap between theory and real life. These immersive experiences are carefully planned, supported and evaluated by our practice and career management top professors in their field. Both experiences provide robust opportunities for the real-world application providing trainees with knowledge and skills that support their career goals.

In the NLA® Capstone Experience, each program will be tailored to meet the respective college and university requirements. However, the minimum time commitment is 80 hours, to be completed over approximately 10 weeks. Students are encouraged to work with their organization longer than 10 weeks, but the 80-hour minimum should not be spread out over a longer period, except in special cases such as research projects. 

What our NLA® Ready students say:


Working for NLA was the first internship/ work opportunity I ever got which acted as a first stepping stone towards my career journey. Working here was an amazing experience as I got a lot of knowledge about a the corporate world and how to build a business from scratch. Dr Alex Jones was a very supportive mentor who allowed me to share my ideas openly and also respected them. My peers were also a huge help and very supportive. Once again, working for NLA  was a great learning experience for me.

Aditi G, Business Management

When I began working in my time inside the NLA, I noticed most of the tasks oriented towards me and my colleagues were very grounded in real-life scenarios, challenging us to think outside the box and find potential and possible solutions to these situations. Dr. Alex Jones has played an essential role on teaching me real aspects and opportunities when it came to running an organization and essential employability skills like pitching and proper clear communication to peers and potential clientele. Overall it was an excellent learning and development experience for all of us.

Lois V, Finance, Accounting and Business Administration


Interning at NLA granted me a comprehensive glimpse into the corporate environment. The structure and support offered through this internship created the perfect balance between learning and application, allowing me to practice skills in real-world situations. Presence of hands-on experience can significantly affect the impression left on others when breaking through a career positively and this internship provided just that without being overwhelming or exhausting.

Nabiha T, Accounting

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-20 at 5.35.26 PM.jpeg

The NLA is one of the leading organizations in UAE with a great visionary leader who is one of the best leadership coaches. I had many classes and internship with Dr.Alex he used to use a very new style in teaching and leading. After a several months at National Leadership Association my time as the public relation intern is coming to an end. The skills I have gained and the knowledge I am taking away are immeasurable. I could not have asked for a better first internship experience to build a foundation for my career. 

As an intern, I frequently worked on several tasks at a time, so I always had multiple items on my to-do list. Often,I would take on the challenge of completing them all. 

I had very little professional experience. I really only knew the basics about social media marketing due to a position I held as a public relations. 

My advice to the next intern? 
Internships are an opportunity to network and build lasting professional connections. Go the extra mile to reach out and form relationships with people from other departments. You never know who could be that one connection or may have that one resource to land you your dream job. Your enthusiasm, work ethic, and positivity will be what they remember most.

Mohammad Al-Hawwas, Bachelor’s in Business Management

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