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Our Story

Started in San Diego, California in 2010 as an educational consultancy providing consultancy services as non-for-profit to educators and aspiring citizens who want to become future leaders. The mission has continued to emerge 11 years after and establish its presence as the first organically growing organization embracing the concept of non-for-profit leadership association dedicated to serve all slices of societies with the goal in mind is creating responsible global citizens who are able to serve their communities and become qualified job ready skilled minds. 

Our Vision

Create Present and Future Leaders around the world. Our vision is giving hopes to people regardless of their age, gender, race, and background. We aim to create responsible citizens globally. We believe everyone deserves a chance. We exist to give you that chance and hope. 


Our Mission

Promote and foster individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative and diverse programs in support of the organization’s commitment to employee inclusion, human capital development, collaborations, and organizational enrichment.

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Sustained impact for you, your business, and the world.

No matter how much or how quickly the world changes — how automated or disrupted work and life become — one fact remains: outstanding leaders create a positive path forward for us all.

At NLA®, we’re proud to be recognized worldwide as a top-ranked, premier leadership development organization.

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