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Creations Start With Love

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

According to physics, time and space began when the Big Bang occurred, which means that if anything existed before the Big Bang, it was not limited by time and space. It was limitless.

What has no limits? What cannot be bound by time or space?

Love. We might still love someone who has died. We might love someone who is thousands of miles away. Love has no limits. It cannot be bound by time or space.

This made me think that apparently love is a necessary component of creations.

Look at founders of companies or countries. They are deeply in love with their creations—to the point that they’re willing to sacrifice their quality of life in order to advance a purpose that they are committed to. They are in love with.

Look at an artist as he is painting. He will not let his painting go, will not display it; she will continue painting and improving it as long as she is in love with it. A musician composing music does the same, as does an author writing a book.

A little baby, when he sees someone he has never met, does not notice whether the onlooker’s nose is too big or her ears are sideways, whether she is ugly or beautiful. Babies don't see that. They see with their hearts. As they gaze back, they feel whether this new person seems loving or not loving. Based on what they feel, they decide whether to smile or cry. They search for love and need love to grow.

Research shows that babies who are loved grow bigger and healthier than babies who are deprived of love. Flowers and vegetables show the same reaction to love.

Mutual Trust and Respect is the indispensable foundation of love, which allows any system to grow. If there is no Mutual Trust and Respect, love will disappear and instead of integration and growth we will experience disintegration and deterioration.

Look at people in love. They often look younger than their age, while people who are filled with hate look old, wasted. Love retards aging, because love is absolute integration and when there is integration there is no waste of energy. Hate disintegrates and thus causes waste of any system’s fixed limited energy. As energy is wasted, life is shortened and you live fewer years.

Dark is the absence of light. They are more than just opposites; they are also two sides of the same coin, two slices of the same pie. Thus, do not curse the darkness; instead, light the candle. By the same token: Do not hate hate. Just love, and with love you create and turn your dream into a reality.

By Prof. Ichak Kalderon Adizes

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