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Dr. Alex Jones Ph. D.

Author, Writer, Leadership Expert, CEO







Building A2, Knowledge Park,

DXB, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The creation of the man, the leader, the association.

Dr. Jones is the lead author and writer of a recently unique published book titled DISLEADERSHIP: 30 Must-Know Models for Sustainable Organizations. The one and only titled DISLEADERSHIP in the world of leadership. He is the lead author and writer of the recently published book titled: Strategy, Leadership, Entrepreneurship – Based on Harvard, Stanford, and Yale Case Models highlighting SMEs in the UAE, the first of its kind published work in the UAE, GCC, MENA, and the world.

He has extensive experience in business development, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Jones has worked managing worldwide publishing for Macmillan, Palgrave Macmillan, WH Freeman, and Worth Publishers in different countries including Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and the GCC. During his academic career, Dr. Jones has worked in the higher education field as an Academic Dean, Chief Academic Officer, Director of Admissions and Administration, and Designated School Official (DSO) in San Diego, California. He was responsible for the growth, diversity, and business development of the university domestically and in the Far East covering Japan, China, and South Korea and oversaw the strategic decision making of the university. In his most recent role, Dr. Jones worked as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the corporate world in Dubai, United Arab Emirates specialized in business development and joint ventures (JVC).


Work Experience

Septermber 2017 - Present

July 2017 - July 2018

January 2018 - January 2019

I teach and conduct research on leadership, organizational behavior, strategy, negotiation, and entrepreneurship. Published 10 SCPOUS level academic articles and co-authored "Disleadership: 30 Must Know Models for Sustainable Organizations".

I designed and oversaw the use of training programs, applying new ways to assist leaders in developing skills aimed at higher education and organizational success. Chief executive officer; expanded the organization across the Middle East and Gulf Cooperation Council.

In this role, I developed and delivered training on leadership, strategy, negotiation, knowledge management, and future foresight. Created strong partnership with local government, and private sectors to drive educational resources and strategic organizational plans.

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